Holter Monitor

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What is a Holter monitor?

Dr Rudd Cardiology in Templestowe, Boronia & Mildura is one the best cardiology in Melbourne, with expert advice and various in clinic test services available. A Holter monitor involves monitoring your heartbeat constantly over a 24-hour period for any arrhythmias or abnormal heart rhythms. It is also known as a 24-hour ECG monitor. Several electrodes are attached around your chest – these are connected by wires to a recorder. You are requested to fill in a diary of the times you feel any palpitations or events, and return the unit together with the diary the next day. We will then analyse the monitor recordings using specialised computer software, and provide a report to your referring doctor, usually within one week. Based on the results, recommendations for treatment will be provided. This may involve ongoing observations, additional or change in medications, or even a pacemaker in some circumstances.

Holter monitor at Dr Rudd Cardiology

Your doctor may refer you directly to our office to have a Holter monitor attached. This test is bulk-billed .Holter monitors can be attached in any of Dr Rudd Cardiology Clinics . Once attached, you will be asked to write in a diary any particular events or palpitations that you experience over the duration of your wearing the monitor. Please return the diary with the monitor for analysis. Results will be available to your referring doctor within a few business days, and can be sent to your doctor electronically if your doctor has electronic health records facilities.

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